Saturday, June 11, 2011

indie summer
every year it's the same story....i go on the hunt for the perfect bathing suit, find something sort-of, maybe close to what i want, use that & the hunt starts all over again next me, a swimsuit should be flattering, quick-drying, awesome-looking & most importantly, cover all your bits. maybe i'm just too picky but i still havent found my dream-cossie just yet....i would love to make it of course, but fabulous swimsuit material is really hard to find. here are some of my best picks from etsyland, though, maybe your dream cossie is in here...
from top: meshalo, kooj, vintage, minnowbathers, slashnspread, danalia, kooj, kayleighpeddie, jessjamesjake, swanwear, ideishi.

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